911 Incident

Navigating Mobile Success: Northern Devs Steers 911 Incident's Project Management

Company Snapshot

911 Incident is an intriguing Canadian company that combines expertise in private sector technology with firsthand experience as Canadian firefighters. They offer a customizable system designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of fire departments. With analytical dashboards and seamless integration with existing software, 911 Incident provides the solution that fire departments have been seeking.

Objective Overview

Northern Devs collaborated with 911 Incident as project managers for the development of their mobile and tablet application. The objective was to assist smaller communities, particularly volunteer fire departments, in improving public safety. Northern Devs oversaw the implementation of various features and enhancements within the application. By providing project management expertise, Northern Devs ensured the successful completion of the project and the delivery of a user-friendly and efficient mobile solution.

Project At-A-Glance

Northern Devs worked closely with 911 Incident to coordinate the development of a mobile and tablet application for their records management software. The application aimed to address the need for a mobile solution in the market and cater specifically to smaller communities, empowering them with efficient emergency service capabilities. Through effective project management, Northern Devs oversaw the implementation of key modules and ensured the project's successful progression.

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Skills Deployed

Project Management

Resource Planning

Task Prioritization

Team Augmentation

Northern Devs used their project management skills to drive the development process forward. With a focus on effective communication, stakeholder management, and coordination with external contractors, Northern Devs facilitated a seamless collaboration. Their expertise in overseeing project deliverables, including forms and configuration screens, ensured that each module was implemented according to the defined technical specifications. By providing a clear project scope and conducting user acceptance testing and regression testing, Northern Devs played a pivotal role in ensuring the successful sign-off of each module.

Tech Stack Breakdown

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Our Strategy

As project managers, Northern Devs worked closely with 911 Incident to plan and execute the development of the mobile and tablet application. They facilitated meetings with stakeholders to define the project scope, provided technical specification documents to guide the implementation of each module, and established a robust development, testing, and production environment. Through efficient coordination and ongoing communication, Northern Devs ensured that the project progressed smoothly, meeting the needs and requirements of 911 Incident.

Project Collaborators

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