Bringing Healthcare to Life: 3D Medical Models

Company Snapshot

Anatomiz3D is a pioneering force in the field of medical 3D printing, providing customized solutions that bring innovative technology to the forefront of healthcare. Their comprehensive services include patient-specific 3D models, surgical guides, implants, and medical training aids, all crafted with precision through advanced 3D printing methods. These resources aid in pre-operative planning and patient communication, enabling a deeper understanding of complex anatomical structures. With a commitment to innovation and quality, Anatomiz3D collaborates with various medical institutions and regulatory bodies, underscoring its position as a leader in bridging the gap between technology and healthcare.

When Anatomiz3D wanted to bring their 3D medical visualization concept to life, they turned to Northern Devs. Our challenge: to craft a technical solution that would bring anatomy into the digital age in a way that was both effective and user-friendly.

Objective Overview

The primary objective of the Anatomiz3D project was to build a comprehensive web application capable of handling and displaying 3D medical models for a wide range of users, including doctors, surgeons, educators, and patients. The platform needed to facilitate the upload and manipulation of these models, with each one being saved into individual cases having various attributes. Furthermore, it was crucial to ensure different levels of access and information visibility depending on the user type, ensuring both the privacy and the usefulness of the data presented.

An additional goal was to provide a secure and efficient admin portal where Anatomiz3D engineers and designers could create and manage cases, upload and adjust 3D models, and monitor case-specific comments and audit logs. The platform needed to empower Anatomiz3D admins with user management capabilities, including inviting new users, adjusting user access levels, managing clients, and assigning case roles. All these functionalities had to be housed within a user-friendly and intuitive interface that streamlined operations for Anatomiz3D and enhanced the user experience for all stakeholders.

Project At-A-Glance

Northern Devs partnered with Anatomiz3D to create a revolutionary web application that transforms the medical and educational sector. The platform allows clients to upload 3D medical models, making them digitally viewable and categorized into detailed cases. With a two-tier interface designed for both clients and admins, the application prioritizes user-friendly interactions and high-security measures. Leveraging modern technologies like React.js, TypeScript, Firebase, and Firestore, the platform is a testament to the power of effective full-stack development.

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Skills Deployed

Full-Stack Development

Infrastructure Planning

Project Management

Resource Planning

UX Design

Throughout the development of Anatomiz3D, our team at Northern Devs applied a variety of non-technical skills to ensure the success of the project. Primarily, our effective communication and collaboration skills played a pivotal role in the project's execution. We worked closely with the Anatomiz3D team, fostering an open and transparent dialogue that ensured we understood their vision and needs at each stage of development. This continuous feedback loop allowed us to deliver a solution that not only met but exceeded their expectations.

Critical thinking and problem-solving were also crucial skills deployed during this project. As we navigated the complexities of developing a 3D medical model management platform, we were faced with unique challenges that required innovative solutions. Our ability to think outside the box and approach problems from different perspectives enabled us to overcome these obstacles and deliver a robust, user-friendly platform.

Lastly, we cannot overstate the importance of project management in the successful delivery of Anatomiz3D. By meticulously planning and organizing our resources, setting realistic timelines, and continually monitoring our progress, we ensured that the project was completed on time and within budget. This forward-thinking approach, coupled with our dedication to delivering high-quality solutions, is what sets Northern Devs apart in the tech development landscape.

Tech Stack Breakdown






The Anatomiz3D web application was built using a modern, robust, and efficient tech stack. On the front end, we leveraged React.js and TypeScript to create an interactive, responsive, and user-friendly interface. For rendering 3D models, ViewSTL was employed, providing a seamless and engaging user experience for clients, patients, and guests alike. The implementation of these technologies allowed us to create a visually compelling and intuitive interface where users could easily navigate and interact with 3D medical models.

On the server side, we used Firebase's suite of cloud services, including Firestore for database management, Firebase Functions for serverless backend functions, and Firebase Hosting for deploying the web application. Firestore's NoSQL database was instrumental in efficiently storing and managing the case data and 3D models. This serverless architecture not only facilitated rapid development but also ensured scalability and maintainability. By leveraging these technologies, Northern Devs was able to deliver a full-stack web application that met all of Anatomiz3D's requirements while providing a solid foundation for future growth and enhancements.

Our Strategy

In tackling the Anatomiz3D project, our strategy was to prioritize a user-centric approach, ensuring that the varying needs of doctors, surgeons, educators, patients, and other users were met. Recognizing the sensitive nature of the medical data being handled, we focused on creating an interface that would provide appropriate levels of access and information visibility depending on the user type. This approach extended to the design of the admin portal, where we strived to create an efficient and intuitive environment for managing cases, adjusting 3D models, and monitoring activity.

On the technical front, our strategy involved using a robust stack of technologies to ensure the smooth operation of the platform. We leveraged the strengths of React.js and TypeScript in building a dynamic and responsive front-end. Firebase, Firestore, and Firebase Functions were used to construct a reliable and scalable server-side infrastructure. For the database, we opted for NoSQL via Firebase Firestore to provide flexibility and efficiency in handling the diverse data associated with the 3D models and case information. This strategic selection and use of technologies allowed us to create a platform that not only met the project's requirements but also provided a foundation for future scalability and enhancement.

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Are you looking to develop a customized, user-friendly, and secure web application for your medical or educational organization? Our team at Northern Devs has the expertise and experience to bring your vision to life, just as we did for Anatomiz3D. We can help you create a platform that meets your unique needs, ensuring that sensitive data is handled with the utmost care. Let's discuss your project and explore how our technical and project management skills can transform your idea into a successful digital solution. Contact us today to get started.

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