Fast-Tracking Success: How Northern Devs Accelerated KWKLY's Journey

Company Snapshot

KWKLY is a revolutionary delivery service that provides a fast and convenient solution for customers to receive their daily essentials, snacks, and more right at their doorsteps. The service prides itself on delivering hundreds of items, from cleaning supplies and over-the-counter medicine to food, drinks, and baby essentials, all in under 15 minutes. KWKLY operates with a focus on transparency and care for its couriers, who are paid hourly and receive 100% of tips given, creating a fair work environment free of gig work​

KWKLY wasn’t just looking for a new modern app, they were needing a database built to allow for countless versions of hundreds of items, all specific to their various warehouses.

Objective Overview

Our main challenge in the KWKLY project was to create a seamless, user-friendly application capable of managing the intricate logistics of rapid delivery. The application needed to facilitate inventory management, efficient order processing, and in any geographic region. Furthermore, it had to provide a pleasant user experience, from browsing and ordering to payment.

Project At-A-Glance

Northern Devs was brought onboard as a technical co-founder to KWKLY, a budding quick-delivery service. Our team handled all technical aspects, from infrastructure planning to full implementation, leveraging our expertise in React Native, Reactjs, Nodejs, Firebase, Google Cloud, and AWS. This collaboration resulted in a seamless service delivering daily essentials to customers' doorsteps in just 15 minutes.

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Market Testing



Skills Deployed

App Development

Full-Stack Development

Infrastructure Planning

Project Management

Resource Planning

UI Design

UX Design

At Northern Devs, we pride ourselves on being a comprehensive software development partner. With KWKLY, our role transcended the usual developer-client dynamic, and we became integral collaborators in the process of transforming an idea into a successful tech startup.

Our contribution to KWKLY was multi-faceted. We were entrusted with the responsibility of project management, overseeing each development phase and ensuring alignment with the project's vision. Our team's proficiency in modern JavaScript frameworks and cloud services was pivotal in the creation of an application that could handle complex logistics, manage a vast inventory, and ensure optimal delivery routes.

In addition to our technical acumen, we displayed prowess in delivery management. This included hiring and supervising delivery drivers, a key factor in KWKLY's promise of rapid delivery.

Tech Stack Breakdown



Google Cloud



React Native




Our tech stack for KWKLY was a blend of powerful and modern technologies. The front end of the application was built using React Native, a choice motivated by its performance, scalability, and ability to deliver a seamless user experience. The admin portal, a crucial component of the system, was developed using ReactJS due to its efficiency and ease of use in building complex user interfaces.

The backend was powered by a NodeJS server, an excellent choice for handling data flow and processing requests, given its event-driven architecture and non-blocking I/O model.

A combination of Firebase, Google Cloud, and AWS was chosen for the infrastructure. Each of these services was selected for their unique strengths - Firebase for its real-time database and authentication services, Google Cloud for its robust and scalable computing services, and AWS for its comprehensive suite of cloud services.

The application's data management was handled by two databases - Firestore, a NoSQL database, and MySQL. This mix of databases allowed us to handle the complex data requirements of the application efficiently. Firestore, with its scalability and real-time updates, was used for handling dynamic data, while MySQL, with its ACID compliance and robustness, was used for transactional data.

Our selection of technologies reflected our commitment to creating a robust, scalable, and efficient platform for KWKLY, capable of handling high demand and growing with the business.

Our Strategy

Northern Devs adopted a two-phase approach to support KWKLY's strategic vision, combining the strengths of our pre-built Launchpad platform with bespoke full-stack development to create a comprehensive solution tailored to KWKLY's unique needs.

In the first phase, we leveraged the capabilities of our Launchpad platform to rapidly establish KWKLY's service. Launchpad's robust functionalities around product and service inventory management, order processing, appointment scheduling, and payment handling provided KWKLY with an immediate operational base. This approach allowed KWKLY to swiftly launch its services and start generating revenue, without having to wait for a fully custom-built system. The use of Launchpad also facilitated KWKLY's early market validation, as they were able to test their business model and customer response in a live environment.

Following the successful deployment and operation of the Launchpad platform, we initiated the second phase of our strategy: building a customized full-stack solution. Here, we leveraged our extensive experience in web application and full-stack development to create a scalable, maintainable, and high-performance application that was specifically tailored to KWKLY's needs. This included a comprehensive front end for an exceptional user experience, a robust backend infrastructure to handle high-volume transactions and complex operations, and seamless integration of other necessary technologies.

In this phase, our role extended beyond that of a technical partner. We functioned as a strategic collaborator, working closely with KWKLY to understand their evolving needs and ambitions. Our team ensured that the full-stack solution not only aligned with KWKLY's business model but also equipped them with the necessary technological capabilities to grow and scale in their market.

This phased approach, starting with Launchpad for immediate launch and market validation, followed by a custom full-stack solution for long-term growth, allowed KWKLY to manage their resources effectively while rapidly gaining market traction.

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Northern Devs' commitment to enabling startups like KWKLY to unleash their digital potential is unwavering. We have proven our ability to deliver on our promises, turning ideas into reality and helping startups succeed. If you are looking for a trusted software development partner to transform your idea into a scalable, robust, and market-ready solution, reach out to Northern Devs today. Let us help you launch fast and grow even faster.

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