Snow Problem Too Big: SKUP and Northern Devs Melt Away Snow Woes

Company Snapshot

SKUP, along with their dedicated team of Skupers, offers a convenient on-demand snow removal service. Customers can easily request Skupers to visit their homes and tackle their snow removal needs. With a range of services and add-ons available, SKUP ensures homeowners have a hassle-free experience during the winter months. But SKUP's vision extends beyond snow removal, as they plan to introduce additional seasonal services to their platform in the near future.

SKUP embraced the potential of Launchpad, the ideal solution for their snow removal service, delivering unparalleled scheduling, service fulfillment, and add-on capabilities.

Objective Overview

At Northern Devs, we embarked on a transformative journey to empower SKUP with a game-changing digital solution that would revolutionize the snow removal industry. When SKUP approached us with limited resources and a pressing timeline, we seized the opportunity to leverage our powerful Launchpad platform. Our objective was crystal clear: harness the full potential of Launchpad to craft a dynamic presence that would elevate SKUP's snow removal services.

Project At-A-Glance

Our collaboration with SKUP was driven by the need to establish a robust digital solution for their on-demand snow removal service. As SKUP approached us with limited resources and a tight timeline, we recognized that Launchpad, our powerful no-code e-commerce platform, was the ideal foundation for their requirements.

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Skills Deployed

Project Management

Rapid Problem-Solving

Throughout the project, we demonstrated effective communication and collaboration skills, working closely with the SKUP team to ensure a tailored implementation of Launchpad that met their specific needs. We actively engaged in discussions to understand their requirements, guiding them through the setup process and providing timely support. By leveraging Launchpad, we facilitated a smooth and efficient onboarding experience for SKUP, enabling them to quickly get up and running. Our dedication to clear communication and proactive assistance played a vital role in ensuring a seamless integration of Launchpad into SKUP's operations, allowing them to achieve rapid progress and capitalize on the benefits of the platform.

Tech Stack Breakdown


For the SKUP project, we leveraged the robust features of Launchpad, our no-code e-commerce platform, to provide a tailored solution that seamlessly addressed their requirements. Launchpad's powerful capabilities in service fulfillment and product fulfillment were instrumental in enabling SKUP to efficiently manage their snow removal services. The platform's flexibility allowed for the seamless integration of product/service add-ons, empowering SKUP to offer additional options such as salt application. Launchpad's built-in geo restrictions feature ensured that SKUP's services were appropriately limited to their target locations. Furthermore, the scheduling functionality within Launchpad facilitated efficient appointment management, allowing SKUP to optimize their operations and provide timely service to their customers. By harnessing the specific strengths of Launchpad, we delivered a customized solution that perfectly aligned with SKUP's needs, enhancing their operational efficiency and overall customer experience.

Our Strategy

We approached this project with meticulous planning, aiming to facilitate SKUP's market entry seamlessly. Leveraging the versatile capabilities of Launchpad, our no-code e-commerce platform, we worked closely with the SKUP team. Our focus was on tailoring their implementation of Launchpad to meet their specific requirements. They were able to streamline their service fulfillment process and incorporate essential features, including add-ons and scheduling, to ensure a comprehensive solution. Using Launchpad, we delivered a seamless user experience that empowered SKUP for a successful market launch, leveraging the shared benefits of Launchpad.

Project Collaborators

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