Hera Fertility

From Conception to Realization: The Digital Evolution of Hera Fertility

Company Snapshot

Hera Fertility is a pioneering digital fertility company that is redefining the way fertility care is accessed and financed. Offering comprehensive fertility management solutions, Hera Fertility is committed to breaking down barriers and making fertility treatments more accessible and affordable. Their innovative approach combines virtual consultations, at-home testing, and a premier clinic network with a unique 0% APR fertility financing plan. With a mission to empower clients and equip them with the tools to take control of their fertility journey, Hera Fertility's services are designed to make the dream of parenthood achievable for all. Their commitment to reducing the emotional and financial burden of fertility treatments makes Hera Fertility a truly distinctive player in the healthcare space.

Facing the complexity of the fertility industry, Hera Fertility needed a digital ally. Northern Devs took on the challenge, crafting a solution that empowered patients and streamlined Hera's operations.

Objective Overview

When Hera Fertility approached Northern Devs, their goal was clear: to enhance the user experience for their clients seeking fertility treatment financing. The two primary tasks they entrusted us with were the integration of a loan cost calculator to provide potential borrowers with transparent cost estimates, and the creation of a custom loan application form for an improved application process. Our objective was to address these business needs effectively, making fertility treatments more financially accessible and manageable for Hera Fertility's clients.

Project At-A-Glance

Northern Devs was brought on board by Hera Fertility to lend our expertise in the development of user-friendly digital solutions that could support the company's mission to make fertility treatments more financially accessible. The primary challenge we aimed to solve was to simplify the complex process of obtaining fertility financing for Hera Fertility's clients. Leveraging our technical prowess in modern JavaScript frameworks, we integrated a loan cost calculator and a custom loan application form. These additions to the Hera Fertility platform significantly improved the transparency and efficiency of the loan application process, ultimately enhancing the user experience and aligning with Hera Fertility's mission.

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Skills Deployed

Project Management

Rapid Problem-Solving

Resource Planning

Team Augmentation

UX Design

Website Development

For the Hera Fertility project, effective communication was one of the most critical non-technical skills deployed. Throughout the project, our team maintained a transparent dialogue with Hera Fertility's stakeholders. This ensured that we fully understood their specific needs and expectations, which was vital for creating solutions that truly resonated with their clients and business goals. This open communication also facilitated prompt issue resolution, ensuring that the project stayed on track and met its deadlines.

Project management was another crucial skill that was brought to bear. Our team diligently scoped out the project requirements and established a clear roadmap for the implementation of the loan cost calculator and custom loan application form. By organizing our efforts in this way, we could accurately allocate resources, monitor progress effectively, and avoid potential bottlenecks. Furthermore, this rigorous project management ensured a smooth handover to Hera Fertility, facilitating their continued use and management of the tools we developed.

Tech Stack Breakdown




Our team chose to build the project using a tech stack consisting of ReactJS, Styled Components, and TypeScript. These technologies were selected based on their efficiency, versatility, and robustness, which were critical for developing the advanced features that Hera Fertility required. ReactJS, a popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces, was particularly well-suited for creating the interactive components of the project. This included the integration of the loan cost calculators and the development of the custom loan application form. The use of Styled Components, a library for styling in React, further enhanced the user experience by enabling us to craft a visually engaging and intuitive interface.

The integration of the loan cost calculators was achieved by creating a link generation system that converts Outgrow embed codes into custom Hera Fertility links. This system was built using TypeScript, a statically typed superset of JavaScript that adds optional types. TypeScript was chosen for its ability to help catch errors early through its static typing feature, which was essential for maintaining the reliability of the link generation system. For the loan application form, we employed ReactJS and Styled Components to create a flexible form with branching paths. After the form completion, it is handed off to a legal entity for consumption.

Our Strategy

To successfully execute Hera Fertility's project, we adopted a strategic and iterative approach. First, we worked closely with Hera Fertility's team to thoroughly understand their needs and expectations. We then designed and developed the Loan Cost Calculators and the custom Loan Application form flow using a lean ReactJS environment, TypeScript, and Styled Components. We ensured to integrate Outgrow calculators effectively and create a seamless user experience for potential borrowers. Throughout the project, we maintained a constant line of communication with Hera Fertility, receiving feedback and making necessary adjustments in a timely manner. This collaborative approach led to a solution that not only met but exceeded Hera Fertility's requirements, reinforcing their commitment to providing accessible and user-friendly fertility financing solutions.

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