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Company Snapshot

Quadrical AI is a pioneering company at the forefront of solar and storage portfolio optimization. With their state-of-the-art digital twins technology, they create precise digital replicas of solar and storage plants, enabling accurate modeling of yield capabilities in various field conditions. Their comprehensive platform offers real-time monitoring, performance improvement insights, and advanced analytics, empowering businesses to enhance generation, reduce operational costs, and achieve remarkable returns on their solar and storage assets. By centralizing data, automating operations, and providing predictive intelligence, Quadrical AI revolutionizes the way solar plants are managed, delivering unparalleled efficiency and maximizing the potential of renewable energy.

Quadrical AI's solar portfolio optimization was in need of a mobile breakthrough. Northern Devs stepped in, transforming their platform for on-site efficiency and seamless ticket validation.

Objective Overview

Our objective at Northern Devs was to develop a mobile app extension of Quadrical AI's platform, enabling seamless access to critical features on iOS and Android devices. Focusing on the needs of on-site personnel, we aimed to provide continuous access to the platform, empowering users to validate tickets, monitor plant performance, and perform essential tasks while at remote solar plants. By delivering a user-friendly and intuitive mobile experience, our goal was to enhance usability and efficiency, catering specifically to the requirements of solar plant maintenance professionals.

Project At-A-Glance

Northern Devs was brought on board to create an app version of Quadrical AI's platform, extending its accessibility to mobile devices. Our collaboration aimed to address the challenge faced by on-site personnel, who often work in remote locations without reasonable access to the platform. The app's primary focus was to provide key functionalities required on-site, including ticket validation, plant overview, status monitoring, and media uploads. By leveraging our expertise in React.js, we developed a coherent and seamless extension of the existing platform, ensuring a professional environment and enhancing user productivity.

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In undertaking this project, Northern Devs deployed a diverse range of skills that encompassed both technical expertise and effective collaboration. As we connected to Quadrical AI's existing backend infrastructure, seamless integration was paramount. Our team diligently worked to comprehend the intricacies of their backend systems, ensuring a smooth and efficient connection between the app frontend and the platform's data and analytics. This collaborative effort required strong communication, adaptability, and problem-solving skills to overcome any obstacles encountered during the integration process.

Furthermore, understanding the needs and expectations of the users was a crucial aspect of our approach. We conducted in-depth research and engaged in direct communication with solar plant maintenance professionals to gain valuable insights into their workflows and pain points. Armed with this understanding, we meticulously crafted screen mockups that mirrored their real-world requirements, aiming to create an intuitive and user-friendly experience. This user-centric approach allowed us to deliver a tailored solution that met the specific needs of Quadrical AI's target audience, providing them with a seamless and professional environment to perform their tasks efficiently.

Tech Stack Breakdown




Our tech stack for this project blended cutting-edge technologies with adaptability to meet the unique challenges we encountered. Leveraging React.js as our core framework, we built a brand new and fully customized frontend experience. This choice allowed us to create a seamless extension of Quadrical AI's platform, tailored specifically for mobile devices. In addition, we used TypeScript to enhance the reliability and maintainability of the codebase, ensuring a smooth development process.

While implementing the app, we also had the opportunity to showcase our adaptability by working with existing APIs that were not originally designed for our specific use case. This required us to think creatively and find innovative solutions to integrate the data and analytics seamlessly into the app. To ensure a visually appealing and user-friendly interface, we used CSS for styling and leveraged styled components to create modular and reusable UI elements. This allowed us to maintain consistency and coherence throughout the app, while providing an intuitive and delightful experience for the end-users

Our Strategy

Our strategy for this project revolved around close collaboration and meticulous planning. We began by thoroughly understanding Quadrical AI's vision and requirements, ensuring alignment at every step. With a focus on user-centric design, we created comprehensive screen mockups that reflected the needs and workflows of solar plant maintenance professionals. By leveraging React.js, we developed a seamless and intuitive PWA web app that connected seamlessly to Quadrical AI's existing backend, providing continuous access to critical functionalities.

Regular communication and feedback loops with Quadrical AI were instrumental in maintaining a streamlined development process. We prioritized effective project management, ensuring clear communication, efficient scoping, and seamless coordination between the frontend and backend teams. Our agile approach allowed us to adapt and iterate based on evolving needs, ensuring the successful delivery of a coherent and professional app experience. By combining technical expertise, user-centric design, and effective project management, we were able to bring Quadrical AI's vision to life and provide a solution that enhances usability and productivity for on-site solar plant professionals.

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