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Paving the Path to Success: Northern Devs Creates a Solid Foundation for Stormflow Surfacing

Company Snapshot

Stormflow Surfacing is a leading provider of permeable pavement surfaces, offering innovative solutions for sustainable stormwater management. Their main product, a highly porous and flexible surface made from recycled tires, effectively mitigates the impact of stormwater runoff. By utilizing environmentally friendly materials, Stormflow Surfacing actively contributes to the circular economy while addressing the pressing need for stormwater management. With a commitment to design flexibility and a mission to provide effective waste management solutions, Stormflow Surfacing stands at the forefront of eco-conscious innovation in the industry.

Empowering Stormflow Surfacing's installer network, Northern Devs designed a web app that served as a valuable resource hub for installers and contractors.

Objective Overview

Our objective at Northern Devs was to design and build a user-friendly installer web app for Stormflow Surfacing. With a focus on facilitating efficient communication and simplifying the estimation process, our goal was to create an intuitive platform that empowers authorized installers on job sites. By providing essential tools and resources, our web app enables installers to stay engaged, access installation guides, and accurately estimate project costs. Through this objective, we aimed to enhance collaboration, improve the quality of installations, and establish a streamlined communication channel between installers and headquarters for seamless operations and continuous growth.

Project At-A-Glance

Northern Devs collaborated with Stormflow Surfacing to develop a groundbreaking web app that serves as a comprehensive resource for authorized installers. The web app empowers installers by providing access to a wealth of valuable information, including detailed installation guides and calculators for estimating project costs. With this intuitive platform, installers can easily access essential resources, enhance their knowledge, and improve the accuracy of their project estimations. Stormflow Surfacing's web app revolutionizes the way installers engage with installation guides and simplifies the estimation process, ultimately driving higher quality and efficiency in their installations.

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Skills Deployed

Full-Stack Development

Infrastructure Planning

Project Management

Resource Planning

UI Design

UX Design

At Northern Devs, our approach to the Stormflow Surfacing project encompassed a wide array of skills, covering both technical and strategic aspects. Beginning with a thorough understanding of the installers' and company's requirements, we crafted a comprehensive web app solution. Our team adeptly designed the user interface, ensuring an intuitive and seamless experience for installers. We carefully orchestrated the development of the server infrastructure, establishing a solid foundation for secure and reliable data management. Additionally, our expertise in database implementation allowed us to create a scalable architecture capable of accommodating Stormflow Surfacing's future growth.

Beyond technical proficiency, our team employed strategic thinking to ensure the web app's long-term success. We carefully considered scalability, performance optimization, and future-proofing, enabling Stormflow Surfacing to confidently embrace their expanding installer network. By skillfully blending technical acumen and strategic planning, we delivered a robust web app that empowered Stormflow Surfacing's installers and facilitated streamlined operations. Our diverse skill set and meticulous attention to detail ensured the successful deployment of a solution that not only met the immediate needs but also laid the groundwork for sustained growth and innovation.

Tech Stack Breakdown


Google Cloud






At Northern Devs, we built a robust system for the Stormflow Surfacing project using a carefully selected tech stack. The foundation of our development was built upon React.js, a versatile JavaScript framework. We harnessed the power of React.js to create a visually stunning and highly responsive user interface, leveraging TypeScript, CSS, and styled components. This combination allowed us to deliver an intuitive web app experience for installers. Additionally, we seamlessly integrated Outgrow, using its capabilities to implement custom calculators for accurate material estimation and cost calculation.

On the backend, we used Node.js serverless functions to handle dynamic server-side logic efficiently. This approach ensured optimal scalability and performance while maintaining seamless functionality. To manage data effectively, we implemented a NoSQL database, optimizing data storage and retrieval for enhanced reliability and speed.

To prioritize security and user management, we developed a robust user authentication and user permissions system. This system provided authorized installers with secure access to the web app, granting appropriate permissions based on their roles and responsibilities within the Stormflow Surfacing ecosystem. By carefully selecting and combining these technologies, we created a powerful and cohesive tech stack that delivered a seamless user experience, enhanced functionality, and ensured the highest standards of security

Our Strategy

Our strategy at Northern Devs was centered around a comprehensive approach to successfully deliver the Stormflow Surfacing web app. We began by conducting a thorough feasibility analysis to ensure that a web app solution was the best fit for the project. This allowed us to provide valuable guidance to Stormflow Surfacing on the possibilities and benefits of a web app in addressing their needs. With a clear scope outlined, we proceeded with the development phase, collaborating closely with the client to gather feedback and make any necessary changes along the way. Our emphasis on clear communication and transparency ensured that the project progressed smoothly and aligned with Stormflow Surfacing's vision.

Throughout the development process, we used Basecamp as our project management tool, enabling effective organization and tracking of deliverables and milestones. By leveraging this platform, we fostered seamless collaboration between our team and Stormflow Surfacing, ensuring clear communication and efficient progress updates. We followed an iterative approach, presenting suggested mockups and designs to gather valuable feedback from the client. This allowed us to refine the web app's user interface and functionalities, creating an optimal user experience for Stormflow Surfacing's installers. Through careful planning, open communication, and a commitment to excellence, we successfully pulled the project together, delivering a high-quality web app that met and exceeded Stormflow Surfacing's expectations.

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