Driving Change: AutoCate's Tech Evolution with Northern Devs

Company Snapshot

AutoCate is a dynamic organization dedicated to empowering car owners, with a particular focus on fostering inclusivity and knowledge-sharing. Their mission is to ensure that all car owners, regardless of gender, have access to reliable information and support when it comes to car ownership and maintenance. By offering dedicated assistance and engaging workshops, AutoCate strives to create an environment where car owners feel confident, well-informed, and protected from deceptive practices. Experience the remarkable world of AutoCate, where car ownership becomes an empowering journey filled with knowledge and support.

Faced with the challenge of scalability, AutoCate turned to Northern Devs to develop a robust technical prototype, paving the way for expanding their market offering and securing more customers.

Objective Overview

Northern Devs had a clear objective when collaborating with AutoCate on their project. Our focus was to assist AutoCate in developing a minimum viable product (MVP) that would serve as a proof of concept and test the scalability of their services. Understanding the business need, we aimed to create a technical prototype that would empower AutoCate to expand their market offerings, secure more customers, and enable data collection for future AI models. By aligning our efforts with AutoCate's goals, we strived to deliver a solution that not only met their immediate requirements but also set the stage for their long-term success.

Project At-A-Glance

When AutoCate presented us with their challenge of building a scalable platform, we knew our Launchpad solution was the perfect fit. Our collaboration with AutoCate focused on developing a comprehensive solution, using our Launchpad platform to deliver exceptional customer and employee portals. Through this approach, we aimed to empower car owners with seamless access to their vehicle details, maintenance history, and personalized information, while equipping the AutoCate team with essential data to enhance their services.

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Market Testing


Skills Deployed

Project Management

Rapid Problem-Solving

Throughout our collaboration with AutoCate, our team at Northern Devs applied a diverse set of non-technical skills that benefited the project. We placed a strong emphasis on understanding the unique needs of AutoCate as an organization, as well as the needs of AutoCate's customers. By grasping their requirements, we were able to tailor our solutions to their specifications, ensuring a seamless and user-centric experience. Additionally, the usage of Launchpad played a key role in expediting the time-to-market, allowing AutoCate to swiftly bring their transformative services to the market while maintaining the highest standards of quality and functionality.

Tech Stack Breakdown


Launchpad, our powerful and versatile platform, played a central role in the development of the AutoCate project. As a comprehensive solution, Launchpad provided the foundation for the customer and employee portals, offering exceptional functionality and scalability. By leveraging the capabilities of Launchpad, we ensured seamless integration, enhanced performance, and cross-platform compatibility. Its robust features and intuitive interface delivered a superior user experience and enabled AutoCate to effectively manage their services with ease. With Launchpad as the cornerstone of our tech stack, we created a reliable and future-proof solution for AutoCate's evolving needs.

Our Strategy

Our strategy for the AutoCate project revolved around leveraging the existing capabilities of Launchpad. As Northern Devs, we worked closely with AutoCate to understand their specific needs and seamlessly integrate them onto the Launchpad platform. We began by thoroughly scoping the requirements, ensuring a clear understanding of AutoCate's goals and desired functionalities. Leveraging our expertise in Launchpad, we tailored the platform to meet AutoCate's needs, customizing features, and workflows to deliver a highly tailored and efficient solution.

Project Collaborators

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