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Company Snapshot

Paperstack's specialized revenue-based financing solutions empower businesses to secure the working capital they need for inventory, advertising investments, and payroll financing. With a fervent dedication to propelling brand success, Paperstack offers bespoke e-commerce solutions that align with their customer's growth ambitions, ensuring they reach new heights in their industry.

Paperstack's pursuit of boosting sales and attracting qualified leads brought them to Northern Devs. Our team skillfully designed a conversion-focused website that effectively transforms visitors into valuable leads.

Objective Overview

At Northern Devs, our central mission was to craft a captivating and user-focused landing page website that would truly resonate with Paperstack's audience. Our objective was clear: to design an intuitive and branded website that would effectively communicate the value of the services provided and motivate visitors to get funding. Our aim was to enhance the conversion rate and generate a greater number of qualified leads by prioritizing user comprehension and trust-building. Through a meticulous blend of compelling messaging, user-friendly design, and seamless user experiences, our ultimate goal was to create a website that not only informed and inspired but also facilitated meaningful interactions and conversions.

Project At-A-Glance

Our mission was to construct an engaging and user-friendly landing page website that effectively communicated Paperstack's value and inspired visitors to take action. By deeply understanding Paperstack's unique requirements, we crafted an intuitive user experience that effortlessly guided individuals through the website, encouraging them to get funding and explore informative blog content and case studies. Our primary goals were to boost sales, enhance the conversion rate, and provide an elevated digital experience. Through strategic design and persuasive messaging, our aim was to establish a compelling digital storefront that would leave a lasting impression on visitors and drive meaningful interactions with the Paperstack platform.

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Skills Deployed

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Our team brought a wealth of diverse expertise to the project, ensuring its success. Beyond our technical proficiency, we effectively utilized our strong communication skills to foster a collaborative partnership with the Paperstack team, crafting an intuitive and captivating interface tailored to resonate with their target audience. Our proficiency in persuasive copywriting enabled us to communicate the platform's value, instill trust, and drive conversions. By implementing marketing techniques, such as showcasing testimonials and creating a sense of urgency, influencing users to take decisive actions. The seamless integration of these diverse skills, both technical and interpersonal, culminated in a comprehensive and highly impactful digital solution for Paperstack.

Tech Stack Breakdown



For the Paperstack project, our tech stack revolved primarily around Webflow as our core technology platform. Webflow proved to be a game-changer, offering a streamlined solution for building an engaging online presence and CMS platform. Its user-friendly interface and robust feature set empowered us to create a captivating and aesthetically pleasing landing page website for Paperstack.

Our Strategy

At Northern Devs, our strategic focus was on the development of a captivating and conversion-driven landing page tailored to Paperstack's audience. Our approach centered on user-centric design and persuasive messaging, with the primary objective of captivating visitors and steering them towards their main call to action. To foster trust and create a sense of urgency, we strategically integrated elements of social proof and employed SEO strategies to boost visibility. Maintaining open and transparent communication with the Paperstack team ensured alignment with their vision and allowed for iterative refinements. By harmonizing these elements, we successfully crafted an engaging landing page and CMS that effectively communicated the platform's value and motivated visitors to take meaningful actions.

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