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Speedy Search Solution: A Swift Fix for Conestoga College's Gig Marketplace

Company Snapshot

GIG Lab is an initiative under Conestoga's Entrepreneurship Collective, designed to provide students with real-world industry experience. This innovative platform brings together budding entrepreneurs, industry professionals, and faculty advisors to collaborate on industry-relevant projects. GIG Lab provides the opportunity for students to apply their knowledge, develop their skills, and gain invaluable experience by working on practical challenges presented by industry partners. This unique setting not only aids in the students' learning process but also helps industries in solving their innovation challenges.

A broken search function was stalling Conestoga College's Gig Marketplace. Enter Northern Devs: ready to troubleshoot, enhance, and deliver a solution in record time.

Objective Overview

The Conestoga College Gig Marketplace project presented us with the task of restoring and enhancing a critical functionality of the platform - its search feature. As the chosen software development partner, we were tasked with bringing the search function back online and improving it for an optimized user experience in finding freelancers.

Project At-A-Glance

When Conestoga College's Gig Marketplace encountered a critical search functionality issue, Northern Devs rapidly responded. We leveraged a WordPress plugin and enhanced it with custom PHP and CSS to restore the search functionality. Our team also transformed the 'Find A Freelancer' page, improving user experience. Despite the project's fast-tracked nature, we seamlessly integrated it into our workflow, demonstrating our team's adaptability.

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Skills Deployed

Website Development

Rapid Problem-Solving

Task Prioritization

This project exemplified our team's ability to quickly familiarize ourselves with a new project and integrate a high-priority task into our existing pipeline without compromising the quality or timeline of our ongoing work. We strategically allocated resources and coordinated our efforts to address the immediate needs of the platform. Swiftly acclimating to the project's demands, we implemented a robust solution, demonstrating our agility, technical prowess, and dedication to client success.

Tech Stack Breakdown




For this project, we leveraged a combination of WordPress, Elementor, custom PHP, and CSS to achieve our goals. WordPress served as the backbone for the project, providing a robust and flexible platform upon which to build. We used Elementor, a WordPress page builder, to streamline the design process and ensure a responsive, user-friendly interface. To supplement these tools and tailor the search functionality to the platform's needs, we wrote custom PHP code. Lastly, custom CSS was applied to fine-tune the aesthetics of the "Find A Freelancer" page, resulting in an improved, intuitive user experience.

Our Strategy

Understanding the urgency of the situation, we immediately performed a detailed analysis of the existing search functionality to identify the root cause of the issue. Our strategy focused on replacing the dysfunctional search plugin with a more robust, reliable alternative, and enhancing its capabilities through the addition of custom code.

The next phase involved a redesign of the 'Find A Freelancer' page to ensure a seamless, user-friendly experience that aligned with the platform's overall aesthetics. We used the flexibility of WordPress and Elementor to create an intuitive and visually appealing layout, enabling users to easily navigate through search results.

Lastly, we conducted thorough testing to validate the functionality and performance of the new search mechanism, ensuring it met the platform's needs and provided a smooth experience for its users. Our rapid, yet comprehensive approach allowed us to deliver a high-quality solution in a highly efficient manner.

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Just like we did for Conestoga College's Gig Marketplace, Northern Devs is here to assist you in enhancing your platform's functionality and user experience. Whether it's addressing a critical issue or improving an existing feature, we're ready to help you get the most out of your technology. Don't let technical hurdles hinder your platform's success. Contact us today to get your project in our expert hands.

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