Expresume and Northern Devs: Unleashing Time-To-Market EXPertiese for Job Hunting Success

Company Snapshot

Expresume is a visionary platform created by founders who personally experienced the challenges of job hunting. Their mission is to simplify the job hunting process for new graduates and create human-to-human connections in the job market. Expresume aims to challenge traditional norms by revolutionizing the way resumes are crafted and customized. With Expresume, new graduates can showcase their technical skills and expertise while embracing their unique personalities and cultivating transparency.

Breaking barriers of traditional job hunting, Expresume partnered with Northern Devs to fast-track their beta launch, empowering new graduates with a seamless platform to showcase their skills and connect with employers.

Objective Overview

At Northern Devs, our objective for the Expresume project was to support their mission of simplifying the job hunting process for new graduates. We recognized the importance of speed-to-market in today's competitive landscape. To achieve this, we leveraged Launchpad, our flexible no-code platform, to expedite the development process and provide a market-ready solution in record time. By collaborating closely with Expresume, we aimed to empower new graduates by highlighting their technical skills and expertise, while challenging traditional job search and hiring norms.

Project At-A-Glance

The collaboration between Expresume and Northern Devs centered around using our product Launchpad. Launchpad is a flexible no-code platform primarily focused on e-commerce, allowing businesses to quickly establish an online presence. Expresume leveraged Launchpad to test the market validation of their product while simultaneously building their own internal full stack solution. This approach enabled them to create a working market-ready prototype, which was successfully sent to beta customers for feedback and validation.

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Skills Deployed

Rapid Problem-Solving

Throughout the Expresume project, our collaboration with the Expresume team involved leveraging our expertise to determine how their unique product could seamlessly integrate with Launchpad. Effective communication and active listening were vital skills that allowed us to understand Expresume's vision and align it with the capabilities of Launchpad. We used our problem-solving abilities to identify innovative solutions and ensure a smooth integration process. By working closely with the Expresume team, we provided guidance and recommendations, leveraging our technical skills to maximize the potential of their platform within the Launchpad ecosystem.

Tech Stack Breakdown


For the Expresume project, our chosen tech stack revolved around Launchpad — a powerful no-code platform tailored for e-commerce. Launchpad provided a user-friendly interface and streamlined the setup process for online businesses. Its flexibility and efficiency allowed Expresume to swiftly establish their product and test market validation. By leveraging Launchpad's no-code capabilities, we enabled Expresume to create a working market-ready prototype without extensive development efforts. The utilization of Launchpad proved instrumental in achieving project goals and engaging beta customers effectively.

Our Strategy

Throughout the Expresume project, our strategy revolved around market validation and rapid prototyping. Collaborating closely with the Expresume team, we scoped requirements and maintained clear communication channels. Emphasizing iteration and continuous improvement, we strived to deliver a working market-ready prototype that showcased the potential of Expresume's platform. Our strategy centered on leveraging Launchpad's flexibility and our technical expertise to provide a seamless user experience and gather valuable feedback from beta customers.

Project Collaborators

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