Delivering Excellence: How DLVR-e and Northern Devs transformed break time for mall employees.

Company Snapshot

At Northern Devs, we are the same team that embarked on the incredible journey of creating DLVR-e, a service designed to transform the break time experience for mall employees. As the founding team behind DLVR-e, we understand firsthand the challenges faced by employees when it comes to grabbing a quick meal. That's why we set out to build a solution that would revolutionize their break routines. Through our expertise in software development and our passion for innovation, we crafted an intuitive app that allows employees to order food conveniently, eliminating the need to close their stores and rush through their breaks.

Say goodbye to long lines and wasted break time. We created an app that brings food straight to mall employees, giving them more time to relax and enjoy their breaks.

Objective Overview

Our primary objective at DLVR-e was to address the pressing challenges faced by mall employees during their breaks. We recognized the inefficient process of closing stores, waiting in lines, and rushing back to eat, which often consumed the entire break time. To tackle this issue, we set out to create DLVR-e, a revolutionary solution that would streamline the break time experience. Our goal was clear: empower employees to order food conveniently through an intuitive app, eliminating the need to close their stores and allowing them to fully enjoy their well-deserved breaks. By combining our technical expertise and understanding of user needs, we aimed to transform break time routines and enhance the overall well-being of mall employees.

Project At-A-Glance

The DLVR-e project was a remarkable endeavor where Northern Devs, led by the same founding team, undertook the challenge of creating an entire ecosystem. We leveraged our expertise to develop a cutting-edge React Native app for iOS and Android, alongside a robust NodeJS server. With DLVR-e, we not only revolutionized break time for mall employees but also built an entire company from the ground up. From crafting the innovative tech stack to establishing partnerships with malls, we left no stone unturned in our quest to provide a seamless and delightful food delivery experience.

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Skills Deployed

App Development

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Task Prioritization

UI Design

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Website Development

Undertaking the DLVR-e project demanded a comprehensive range of skills, as we wore multiple hats to ensure its success. Beyond our technical expertise, we employed our versatile capabilities in branding, advertising, sales, marketing, and lead generation to build the entire company from scratch. As the same team behind Northern Devs, we seamlessly transitioned our skill sets to create a powerful synergy between technology and business strategy.

In the realm of branding, we crafted a captivating identity for DLVR-e, capturing its essence and values. Our advertising efforts were strategic and targeted, reaching the right audience to generate awareness and engagement. Through effective sales techniques, we established strong partnerships with malls, forging relationships that were instrumental to DLVR-e's growth.

Our marketing prowess allowed us to position DLVR-e as an innovative solution, leveraging various channels to communicate its value proposition. From social media campaigns to content creation, we captivated the attention of mall employees and stakeholders alike. Our lead generation efforts ensured a steady influx of users, driving the growth of the DLVR-e ecosystem.

In addition to our collective efforts, two key team members made significant contributions to the DLVR-e project. Josh Whalen, our talented designer, created captivating iconography, digital assets, and marketing materials, giving DLVR-e a visually compelling brand presence. Jas Saroya, our skilled UI/UX designer, meticulously crafted the user interface and experience, ensuring the app's intuitive and seamless usability. Together, their exceptional skills in design and user experience elevated DLVR-e, delivering a visually stunning and user-friendly app that resonated with users and set the stage for its success.

Throughout the project, our technical and non-technical skills converged harmoniously, reinforcing each other's impact. By seamlessly blending our expertise in software development with our business acumen, we propelled DLVR-e to success, creating a comprehensive solution that revolutionized the break time experience for mall employees.

Tech Stack Breakdown




Google Analytics

Google Cloud



React Native




To bring DLVR-e to life, we carefully chose a robust tech stack that ensured optimal performance, scalability, and reliability. At the core of the project, we used React Native, a powerful cross-platform framework, to develop the mobile app for both iOS and Android platforms. This allowed us to deliver a seamless and consistent user experience across different devices. Alongside React Native, we employed styled components to create visually appealing and customizable interfaces that perfectly represented the DLVR-e brand.

For the backend infrastructure, we leveraged the versatility of NodeJS, a highly efficient runtime environment. NodeJS enabled us to build a scalable server capable of handling a large volume of concurrent requests while ensuring fast and responsive performance. To enhance the app's functionality and support real-time communication, we relied on Firebase Firestore, a NoSQL database, as the main backend technology. Firestore provided a flexible and scalable solution for data storage and retrieval, facilitating efficient data handling for DLVR-e.

In addition, we used Firebase and Google Cloud for user authentication, cloud functions, and other backend services, ensuring a secure and reliable infrastructure. For custom analytics, we integrated a MySQL database, which allowed us to gather and analyze crucial insights about user behavior, order patterns, and performance metrics. Additionally, AWS S3 served as a reliable and secure storage solution for backups, ensuring data integrity and enabling effective disaster recovery. For media hosting, Firebase Storage offered a convenient and scalable solution, enabling efficient storage and retrieval of images, videos, and other media assets.

By thoughtfully selecting and employing this robust tech stack, we established a solid foundation that empowered DLVR-e to deliver a seamless, feature-rich, and reliable experience for both employees and restaurant partners.

Our Strategy

Our strategy for the DLVR-e project involved a meticulous and comprehensive approach. We began by scoping the requirements, gaining a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by mall employees during their breaks. With this valuable insight, we created a working prototype that served as a foundation for iteration and improvement. Throughout the project, clear and constant communication with stakeholders ensured alignment on project goals, milestones, and deliverables. This collaborative environment facilitated a smooth development process, where feedback was actively incorporated to enhance the app's functionality and user experience.

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